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pcie riser adapter card

PCIE Riser Adapter Card - 1X to 16X PCIe,Mining Rig 10 Solid Capacitors [2pack]

SKU: D-Riser


  • 【10 High-quality solid capacitors】10 FP independent solid capacitors are customized for the graphics card power supply. Compared with the general 4 capacitors, the graphics card power supply can be more stable and safe. The extension cord has a 6Pin interface to strengthen the power supply, effectively solving the problem of insufficient power supply capacity.
  • 【Metal graphics card slot】 The graphics card slot in the middle is a reinforced metal structure. Compared with the plastic bayonet, the metal bayonet has a tighter structure. The slot has a fixed buckle, which is convenient for removing and fixing the graphics card, so that the graphics card will not get out of the slot. Note: Please refer to Picture 3. Please pay attention to the direction of the graphics card during installation to prevent the graphics card from being burnt.
  • 【3 power supply methods】3 power supply methods are used: SATA power interface, 6Pin power interface (Double), and peripheral 4-pin power supply. The power can be plugged into any interface to work normally. The graphics card has an independent power supply to reduce the load on the motherboard. You can freely choose according to the actual use environment; At the same time, it is equipped with LED power indicator and working indicator, which can clearly check the power and working conditions.
  • 【Safety cable】Using (60CM) USB 3.0 gold-plated interface cable, which can improve connectivity, life and performance. As the latest expansion card in 2017 (2022), we are equipped with a stable cable to ensure signal integrity and support high loads during mining.
  • 【Strong compatibility】It has a wide range of compatibility and can be compatible with the motherboard 1x, 4x, 8x, 16x PCI-E slots, used for operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux.
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