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Controller Board for E300/E100| Made by Osprey Electronics

Updated: Jul 16

Osprey Electronics is excited to announce the release of its first batch of controller boards specifically designed for the E300 platform.

Controller board for E300/E100 Miner
Controller board for E300/E100 Miner

This new iteration addresses the growing demand for reliable E300 control solutions. Featuring meticulously selected high-quality components and an optimized design, the board ensures seamless integration and peak performance within your mining rig.

We prioritized exceptional quality throughout the process:

  • Premium Components: We meticulously selected high-quality components for superior performance and longevity.

  • Optimized Design: Our engineers optimized the design for maximum efficiency and compatibility with the E300 platform.

  • Rigorous Testing: Each board undergoes extensive hardware and software testing with over 30 test cases, guaranteeing reliability.

Quality Test Controller board for E300/E100 Miner

This new version boasts a significant upgrade – increased RAM capacity from 2 Gbit to 4 Gbit. This translates to noticeably faster processing for your mining operations.


Main Chip

Zynq 7010

DDR3 Memory

4 Gbit


64 Gbyte


10/100 MBit

Data Port

3 pcs


2 pcs

Indicator LEDs

4 pcs

Power Supply

12 V



For a limited time, get your Osprey Electronics Controller Board for only $49.99 (USD), with data cables included free of charge! The pre-order is started now and the Osprey Electronics Controller Board will be shipped by the end of June 2024.

Take your E300 mining rig to the next level. Order your controller board today!

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