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passive income crypto mining


22+ GHs Alephium Hash Rate
10.89 GH/s Radiant Hash Rate
40.82 GH/s Etica Hash Rate

46+ GH/s ​GRAM Hash Rate

3 Hash Board based on Xilinx FPGA VU35P Technology

The mentioned hash rate is on the miner side before dev fee

The mentioned hash rate is on the miner side before dev fee

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About Us

Osprey Electronics: Next Generation Mining Solution 

Osprey Electronics is a Silicon Valley based blockchain technology company, focusing on cryptocurrency mining hardware research and development. Its goal is to see the Xilinx field programmable gate array (FPGA) miners embraced on a global scale.


Osprey released their first Xilinx FPGA technology based mining product in October of 2018. Thus allowing miners to harness the power of peak energy-efficiency, along with the ability for individuals to reprogram their Hardware to suit future needs. Maximizing Sustainability.


In addition to producing mining hardware, Osprey Electronics offers a wide range of mining accessories for crypto miners globally.

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