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coaxial wire cable

Osprey Electronics Low-Loss coaxial Cable - ALSR400-600



  • Connector: All-copper N-J to SMA Male to N Male adapter.
  • Connect from SMA Equipment to N-Style Antennas, receivers, meters, radio transmitters and WiFi Signal Booster Repeater.
  • Available in 15m (49.2 ft, ALSM 600), 10m (32.8 ft, ALSM 400), and 5m (16.4 ft, ALSM 400) lengths, these cables have a 50-ohm impedance, feature significantly larger center conductors, and provide superior signal retention for longer cable runs and higher frequency use
  • Double Shielded Coax extension cable assemblies are constructed with top quality extremely low-Loss coaxial cable alsm 600, and gold plated connectors. High frequency low loss and low impedance, heat Shrink on Both Ends.
  • Compatible with all SMA female to n female based equipment including modems and routers & WiFi Signal Booster Repeater from Cisco, Digi, Cradlepoint, Proxicast, Pepwave, Sierra Wireless, Sixnet/Red Lion and many others
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