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Fiberglass Antenna

Osprey Electronics Fiberglass Antenna



  • EASY PASSIVE EARNINGS - The Osprey G1 Hotspot MIner cryptocurrency mining Antenna System makes passive income generation simple and generates maximum profits for you right away. Antenna is supporting your mining expand to miles and miles away
  • SIMPLE INSTALLMENT - Just connect your Hotspot G1 to the antenna, you can utilize your helium miner to mine HNT effectively by connecting to a sizable crypto-powered dispersed network of long-range wireless hotspots using its simple Helium network configuration.
  • COAXIAL CABLE & DBI ANTENNA - The Antenna is specifical compatible with Osprey G1 Hotspot. Antenna’s length is about 35.4 Inch. You can quickly connect to The People's Network and boost your income with the outdoor antenna and low-loss 400 coaxial cable. Available in three gain options: 5.8 dBi, 8 dBi, and 10 dBi.
  • SHARP TUNED FOR MAXIMUM PROFIT - The increased signal outdoor antennas, compatible with all US915 hotspot helium miners, have been "center tuned" for a smaller frequency (902-928 MHz for the US market and 860-930 MHz for the EU market), removing interfering frequencies and increasing your revenue.
  • CAREFULLY SELECTED AND DESIGN - Antenna has been tested carefully for many hours to prove its effectiveness. The antenna included 2 connector which are Type N male/Type N female with high quality materital Fiberglass & ABS and Cu
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