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vu35p fpga fpga motherboard fpga heatsink

VU9P-VU13P Reball + Heat Sink

SKU: VU39P-reball


  • You will need to provide FPGA chip (normally from a non functioning old FPGA board)
  • Reball service for VU9P/VU13P based mining board on the same frame work as E300
  • CompatibleFPGAs: vu9p from BCU1525, VCU1525, Jungle Cat, vu13p from Bittware
  • Not compatible: Huawei vu9p boards
  • For further information on the reball process and board models, please check our NEWS: The Complete Reball Process: From Start to Finish


Disclaimer: Our reball service, while conducted with utmost care and expertise, is not immune to a certain margin of error. In the event of reball failure, the client assumes the associated risks. We do not provide a guarantee of 100% success but strive to deliver the highest quality service possible.

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