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fpga crypto mining

E100 - VU33P FPGA Mining Solution


Note: We accept crypto (USDT). We will provide a crypto address after you place the order.


 From 1st May to 31st August 2024,  we run E100-VU33P Ovalbore Tech Edition to honor Ovalbore Tech - Erik Allen Berger.  Please find more information in this link: 


* Please chat with us if you have other specific requirements about this model

The hash board has one Xilinx VU33P. VU33P includes 440K LUT, 90 Mb UltraRAM, and 8GB HBM, 2,880 DSP Slices. With the active air cooling, E100-VU33P is plug-and-play, no PC is needed for running the mining program.

Total power consumption depends on the algorithm and voltage settings (please check the algorithms tag)

Active air cooling: Special designed active air cooling, including 2 fans front and back. Osprey Electronics™ E100-VU33P provides a turn-key solution for FPGA crypto mining. To mine with FPGA, a traditional setup will need a PC, PCIe cable, FPGA card, bitstream, software to load bitstream, monitoring software, etc. E100-VU33P fully integrated the whole process. You start to mine by just inputting your wallet address.

Osprey Electronics™ E100-VU33P over-provisioned the power supply to meet crypto needs. A common issue of using Xilinx BCU1525, U50c, or other types of FPGA cards is the power chip failure because of overclocking. Osprey E100-VU33P can supply up to 400 amps of power to the FPGA, and 100 amps to HBM. Power chips are working well under their capacity and will last longer. Osprey Electronics™ E100-VU33P has the best heat dissipation design in FPGA crypto mining. The copper block is attached to the FPGA to absorb the heat with 3 long heat pipes that transfer the heat to the giant heat sinks. Two 6000RPM fans blow the air through a tunnel to cool the heat sinks. Osprey Electronics™ E100-VU33P cards provide optimized acceleration for cryptocurrency mining. E100-VU33P is based on Xilinx UltraScale+™ VU33P FPGA technology.


FPGA: 1 x Xilinx UltraScale+™ VU33P FPGA with 440K LUT, 90 Mb UltraRAM, and 8GB HBM, 2,880 DSP Slices  

Control board: using Xilinx Zynq 7010  chip

Thermal: 2 Fans

Dimension: 13” x 5” x 6” (inch)

Weight: 6.61lbs(3kg)

PCB Dimension: 6.05" x 5.82" x 0.63" (inch)

Working temperature : 1 °C - 40 °C* Hash Board

* PSU is not included

*If you mine at home, we recommend you choose the "Noctua 3000RPM Fan" option

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