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In Memory of Ovalbore Tech🔹Erik Allen Berger🔹

Osprey Electronics Honors Cryptomining Legend with Limited Edition E100-VU33P!

Osprey Electronics is proud to announce the Ovalbore Tech Edition E100-VU33P, a limited-edition crypto mining machine created in memory of Erik Allen Berger, also known as Ovalbore Tech (1991-2024).

Erik's passion for crypto mining, infectious enthusiasm, and innovative approach to optimizing rigs with "OvalClocking" earned him immense respect and gratitude within the community. His passing at such a young age leaves a void, and Osprey wants to celebrate his legacy.

Campaign Date: May 1st, 2024 - August 31st, 2024

Giving Back: For each Ovalbore Tech Edition E100-VU33P sold, Osprey Electronics will donate $100 to the "In Loving Memory of Ovalbore Tech" Fund under the buyer's name.

The Ovalbore Tech Edition E100-VU33P: A Miner Built for Enthusiasts

The E100-VU33P offers an accessible entry point into the world of FPGA mining, starting at just $1,229. This miner boasts the powerful Xilinx VU33P chip with 440K LUTs, 90Mb UltraRAM, and 8GB HBM, allowing you to mine various cryptocurrencies with ease.

Key Features:

  • Lowered FPGA entry cost: $1,229

  • Upgradeable to the full E300-VU33P (now $2,999)

  • Uses the same Xilinx VU33P chip for consistent performance

  • Expandable: Add additional E100-VU33P boards for increased mining power (each board $999) Plug-and-play simplicity for easy setup

  • Superior heat dissipation for optimal performance

  • Flexible to mine multiple coins

Spread the Word and Support the Community. Help us honor Erik's legacy by sharing this campaign with fellow crypto enthusiasts.

Click here to learn more and purchase the Ovalbore Tech Edition E100-VU33P:

Together, we can keep Erik's spirit alive within the crypto mining community!

Best regards,

Osprey Team

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