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Get ready for an amazing firmware update for your Osprey Electronics E300- E100 device!

Introducing NEWEST FIRMWARE: v1.0.18/N1.0.18 packed with incredible features that will take your device to new heights. This update will be automatically installed, offering enhanced performance and a seamless user experience.

But don't worry, if you prefer to stick with your current firmware, you can choose to opt-out.

Get ready to be amazed by the E300-E100's upgraded capabilities!

1. IRONFISH BITSTREAM: We are thrilled to announce that our latest firmware update, v1.0.18/N1.0.18, incorporates the highly anticipated IronFish bitstream developed by the TRM team. This integration brings forth the exceptional mining capabilities of IronFish to our E100, E300 devices. With carefully optimized vccInt/core clock settings specifically designed for IronFish, users can now harness enhanced performance and efficiency.

Please refer to the table below for detailed information:

2. IMPROVED WEB UI: We are delighted to introduce an upgraded Web UI experience with our latest firmware release. This update focuses on optimizing various aspects to enhance usability and convenience for E100, E300 users

  • Optimize FPGA status/setting page

  • Optimize notification function

  • Optimize display logs

  • Optimize reload webpage without log out

  • Added log out button

  • Added diagnostic network from Web UI

Important Notice:

  • After upgrading, your configuration settings, including your wallet address, will be reset. Please remember to update them accordingly.

  • If you don't see the new layout, try clearing your web browser cookies for optimal performance.

Thank you for your attention, and we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a smooth transition to the upgraded firmware. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and improvements in the future.

Happy mining!

Osprey Team

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