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Successful Testing of New Reball Footprint at Osprey Electronics

Updated: Jul 15

Dear Valued Customers,

We are pleased to announce that Osprey Electronics has successfully tested the reball process for VU7P, VU9P, VU11P, and VU13P chips with the new A2104 and B2104 footprints. D2104 footprint is already supported in the current reball process.

Details of New footprints supported:


By the end of August 2024, we will begin supporting the reball process for VU7P, VU9P, VU11P, and VU13P chips with the new C2104 footprints. This breakthrough makes us the first provider to support the whole family of AMD Xilinx Vertex Ultrascale+ FPGA.

Significant Achievement

The reballing process for these chips has yielded impressive results, particularly in reducing resource waste and enhancing the performance of older circuit boards. Steps include receiving and marking the chips, removing them from the board, quality assessment, and reassembling them using SMT technology. Rigorous quality checks are conducted using X-ray machines, and the circuit boards are coated for protection against damage.

You can find more details about the reball process here.

Unique Process

We are proud to be the only provider currently capable of executing this reball process successfully. This highlights the creativity and relentless efforts of our technical team. We prioritize quality and innovation, and this achievement is a clear testament to our commitment.

Perfect Compatibility with E300

A standout feature of this reball process is its compatibility with the E300 system. Existing bitstreams for VU9P and VU13P on D2104 footpring can be modified to support A2104/B2104/C2104 footprint without rebuild new bitstream. This is particularly crucial for supporting new algorithm creation.

Customer Benefits

We understand that customer trust is paramount. With this new reball process, customers will receive products of superior quality, high performance, and extended durability. This process not only reduces maintenance costs but also enhances system efficiency. Additionally, reballing reduces resource waste by effectively and environmentally-friendly reusing old chips.

Osprey Electronics' Commitment

We are committed to continuing our research and development of new technologies to provide the best solutions for our customers. This successful reball test is just one of many advancements upcoming in the near future.

Thank you for your continued trust and support of Osprey Electronics. We will keep striving to meet and exceed your expectations.


Osprey Electronics

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